I’m London Bound!

Last time I posted I was in a panic on what to do about the role I have been offered as part of my grad scheme that would have me moving to London for six months. I'm sure you can guess by the title, but I've confirmed a tiny studio in London and will be... Continue Reading →

Moving to London!?

I am now about halfway through the second of my four six-month rotations in my graduate scheme. I have just had it confirmed that my third placement beginning in September will be at an industry-related company in central London! Now, I'm feeling a lot of things and have so many options. Covid-19 has changed how... Continue Reading →

Goals for my final year summer

Been thinking about this since I've been working through every single summer since college and don't even have the savings to back it up. But with my current summer being yet another full one of interviews and full work-days, it makes me wonder how I'll be able to finally enjoy the last long summer I'll... Continue Reading →

Improving My Leadership Skills

Since I’m hoping to become a chartered engineer down the line, it would make sense that I wouldn’t mind being in charge of a team of engineers at some point. That is why evidence of leadership is so important for the chartership application, and in turn the graduate applications as well. It’s a bit odd... Continue Reading →

How Have I Found My Placement Year?

Tomorrow is my last day of placement as I used up all of my remaining holiday to finish earlier. Soon it will be summer, which involves summer work and some holidays, so I am definitely looking forward to that. However, I can’t help but feel sad that I’m having to return to university again after... Continue Reading →

Saving Smarter

So I’m sure you’re all aware of the statistics being thrown around that only 50% of young people (aged 20-29) have any savings, and another large chunk of those that do have anything stashed away have less than £1000. Well it seems like no surprise to most as trying to save in the current rental... Continue Reading →

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